Subscriber Networks

Subscriber Networks has defined the new model for Managed IT Services. Gone are the days of overpriced hardware and services along with endless break-fix service calls. Now are the days of Anything-IT-as-a-Service, of no Capex and predictable Opex, of true IT-as-a-Service…of Subscriber Networks.
We took the architecture and support methodology behind proven solutions for rapidly deployed Managed Network Services supporting US military bases, merged that with our experience supporting the diverse needs of SMB customers from all industries, and spawned the next generation of managed services.
Our solution is designed to proactively maintain infrastructure, provide virtual desktops, applications and voice services, mitigate cyber risk, and integrate cloud solutions and infrastructure. All Cloud Managed services are delivered by the Subscriber Networks’ Support Center - a global team of trained and certified specialists.

Who we service

In the US there are 8 million Small Businesses with 2 to 500 employees and 22 million people who are self-employed. IT costs continue to increase and are growing even more complicated. Subscriber Networks' Cloud Managed Service allows small businesses to free cash by spending a few hundred dollars per month on state of the art IT service and technology (OPEX), instead of many thousand building their networks (CAPEX) and then supporting it with in house staff who are underutilized or hired guns who are expensive. Customers with compliance requirements have the most to gain - our background of serving US military installations, Medical practices, and PCI compliant institutions puts us in a unique position to provide excellent service that is purpose built for simplicity , security and reliability.

Why us.

What differentiates us from the rest.



Subscriber Networks combines the expertise of technologists with experience in military, service provider, heath care, financial, automotive, consumer, education, and more markets in over fifteen countries.


Advanced Architecture

Our architecture and support methodology has evolved by providing services to customers ranging from US Army, Air Force bases to SMB Customers.


Cost Effective

Our service model is designed to reduce costs. We've simplified pricing by only charging recurring fee on a per-seat basis and and pre-bundling common hardware and softwares.



We're here to reduce complexity of Information Technology (IT) within an organization while maximizing productivity and minimizing unexpected technology failures.

Our Team.

Technology Specialists

| Global

Subscriber Networks understands the value of human capital and the importance of giving our team members the tools and environment they need to continue growing. All of our staff certified – we require the Cisco Certified Network Associate as the minimum level of professional certification in order to be a Subscriber Networks’ technician. Achieving the CCNA is just the start, continued learning and professional development is a company requirement in place for all team members. Although well rounded, with expertise in a wide array of infrastructure, systems, and communications technologies – we specialize in network infrastructure and security.